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Caseys Corners

Welcome to Casey' Corner!


Hello! This is Casey Johnson General Manager of Rainier Dodge. Most people ask me if I like being a salesman. I think they ask me this because they have the stereo-typical salesperson in mind when they think about car people. The guy with greasy hair slicked back to cover his bald spot and a cigarette in one corner of his mouth. Ha! What do you think I tell them? I LOVE it! Understand, this is NOT yesterdays car business. Most of the surrounding and local dealers are self-made entrepreneurs who raised families in the local area and are now passing on their legacy to their children or their children's children?. Redundant, I know. :0) This is my boat? I grew up around the automotive business and as a teenager had my first job as a lot attendant during the summer. We washed cars, vacuumed vehicles, detailed and prepped lot cars, swept the lot every month, maintained the rest rooms and filled the dumpster every week. So you could say I cut my teeth on the bottom rung. From there I was a Parts Driver, delivering parts to all of Thurston County's Mom and Pop shops that needed OEM Mopar. From there I spent time as a Service Advisor. What a great position to learn about people, cars and myself. It's a VERY busy role within the dealership. Then, I spent time learning about the finer parts of our service operations by becoming Rainier Dodge's Service Manager.  Once I became a manager of the store, my father, Gene, sent me to NADA academy to learn how to run our small store and gain a better working knowledge of our overall operations. After 6 years I became the General Manager of the store and have been so for over 8 years. So, the next time you see a salesman, ask him how he got into the car business. You might be pleasantly surprised!

December 14th, 2011

How can I get a better credit score?

Good Afternoon Everyone! I felt the need to share this morning. People ask me about credit all the time. They ask, Casey, how can I get a better credit score? Here it is? simple, straight forward and to the point. This is something I wish they would put on the curriculum in every high school. Mandatory learning! Are you ready? #1) Get a small credit card. Somewhere on the limit of $500. #2) USE the card for SMALL purchases. Get a hamburger, buy a soda, get a movie. #3) PAY IT OFF IN FULL! I can't stress this enough. Pay off your credit cards in full every month. I know it seems hard if you have major debt, but you must start somewhere. Keep this in mind when you use your card?. Do I have enough money in the bank to pay off this purchase today? Pretend that your credit card is cash and that you are not borrowing, but using YOUR money because it IS. Your credit at risk! I guarantee you that is you follow these simple steps for 6 months, you will raise your FICO score by 50 to 75 basis points. Keep it simple and use your credit to gain a future where banks will look for you. The next step? Raise your credit limit!

December 3rd, 2011

2011 was an adventure for Rainier Dodge!

We had plenty of challenges and overcame many to become a lean and meaner dealership. For inventory lessons learned in 2011 we are now stocking the MOST popular Ram trucks, Chargers, Challengers and other Dodge products to best serve our clients needs. We have become A Dealer FOR the People!? When you walk in, you can expect that all of our staff will treat you like a valued customer and client regardless of how small or large your issue may be. We will find a solution! A few new faces as well as a few old faces have joined the crew here. From our Lot Attendants, Mohammad and Mike, our Service Technicians and Manager, Frank, Gary, Gene, Rich, Charlie, Chris, Sergey, and Javier, the Office Staff, Cindy, Debra, and Josie, our Parts and Service Advisors, Jimmy, Jeff, Terry and Claude, and our Sales Staff and Management, James, Mike, Pat, Dave, Ishmael, Brian, Donald, and Shawn, and last but not least Tom our Internet Manager.  Good job everyone!  As of November 30th, Rainier Dodge has sold and found solutions for 200 new clients and 235 used car clients. All with a great December coming!

  December 6th, 2011   2012 is going to be a fantastic year for Rainier Dodge!

We have a great crew of people working for us and we are prepped and ready for what the industry experts say will be a busy and prosperous year for the automotive industry. If you are in the market, we have some super deals and some of the best product I have ever seen Chrysler, Jeep and Dodge come out with. Our stuff is truly World Class. Our American Value Packages are definitely the best bang for you buck. You can find this package in Journey and Caravan. The SRT package is our most exciting. Choose from either the nostalgic Challenger Coupe or our family muscle car the newly revamped and designed Charger SRT8.

Time To Dust Yourself Off


I love the promises of March. Spring is right around the corner and with it warmer weather and more time to spend outside with our families doing all of the things that we enjoy.


One thing I DON'T ENJOY about March, however, is the onset of spring cleaning. It seems as if everywhere I turn there's something else to clean out-the attic, the garage, even the closets. There's so much stuff to slug through that I got to thinking that it might help all of us to have a checklist of some of the most commonly missed or forgotten places that require an annual tune up.


Remembering to wash bedding and dust lampshades is the easy part. And we all know that our spice cabinets and cupboards could use a quick once over. But what are the really important things that we forget to clean and maintain?


This list isn't just about checking under the kids' beds and getting to the top shelves in the garage. This is real, honest-to-good list that will help you rummage through the things that seem to accumulate over the year in each of our homes. Maintaining these area of your homes will not only make your fixtures and appliances last longer, but will keep you breathing easy all summer long, reducing the risk of expensive failure and maintenance, or even worse, FIRE!


  • Air Conditioner

After running the heat through all of those cold months, spring cleaning is the perfect time to touch-up your air conditioning unit to get it ready for the warmer months ahead. First of all you should clean or replace any filters. You may also want to clean any return vents throughout your home. One commonly forgotten step to prepping an A/C unit for warm weather months is to clean the vents as well. Check to see if you can unscrew the outside vent covers, so you can easily access the vents from the outside for simplified cleaning.


  • Smoke/Carbon Monoxide Detector

While checking your smoke/carbon monoxide detector may not be a task directly related to cleaning out your home, the spring and fall months are perfect reminders for the recommended six-month check-up these devices require. Remember, if it's been more than six months, it's time to change those batteries!


  • Refrigerator

It's easy to remember to clean out the head of lettuce or Tupperware of leftovers that's been lurking in the back of the fridge, but cleaning and maintaining your refrigerator goes a lot further than that. It's a good idea to dust down the top, bottom, and sides of the machine. Then pull the unit our and clean behind it.  Most importantly, you'll want to vacuum the coils. Dusty coils can lead to inefficiency and in some cases can cause a fire hazard.

  • Washer/Dryer

As parts on your washer and dryer age, there is recommended maintenance to keep the machine running at top tier. First, replace any old hoses. The recommended timeline for this is every five years, but if the hoses look cracked or misshapen, you may want to replace them earlier. The change will increase the efficiency and lifespan of your machine. Another great option for maintaining you dryer is to replace the standard metal dryer duct with a vinyl one. Be sure to label all of the replaced parts, so you know when your machines will need this sort of maintenance again.


  • Cars

The cold can do a big number on the most important appliance we own-our cars. With age and changes in temperature, it's really important that you or a professional take a look under the hood. Batteries, plugs and wires are all stressed in winter months, decreasing their efficiency up to 60%, so the spring is a great time to replace old or weak components, before you're stuck with a break down. Also, changes in temperature can cause changes in tire pressure, so it's important that you make sure all of your tires are balanced and inflated. And just like with your washer/dryer units, you'll want to make sure that you replace any worn or cracked belts and hoses to increase the efficiency and life expectancy of your vehicle.


Well, that's all I have for now. My honey-do list is a mile long. Good luck to you folks and happy cleaning!

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GM of Rainier Dodge:
Casey Johnson

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