4 Of Our Favorite Places for Brunch in Olympia, WA

April 4th, 2019 by

It might not be as big as Seattle, but Olympia, Washington, has plenty of choices for brunch, whether you’re getting food after a Sunday mass or you just woke up late on your day off and you still want some breakfast food. Whether they’re in town or in one of Olympia’s suburbs, the following restaurants will all serve you some great brunch options.

1. New Moon Coop Cafe

The New Moon Cafe is just a block away from Hart’s Mesa on 4th Avenue. It’s an unusual business because it’s owned and operated by all its employees, and they make every major decision with a group consensus in a committee. If you aren’t sure how that works, stop by and have a meal. They’re open for breakfast and lunch and serve their whole menu all day, so you can have the brunch you want any day of the week. Most of the menu has vegan and vegetarian options, and they make their own breakfast sausage and hamburger patties.

2. Hart’s Mesa

Hart’s Mesa is just a few steps away from West Bay on Columbia Street Northwest. The place serves a mix of American and Latin American meals, so their breakfast menu includes corned beef hash, biscuits and gravy, buttermilk pancakes, chipotle eggs Benedict on masa cakes, and huevos rancheros. Hart’s brunch menu also includes breakfast tacos and vegan options, plus they source most of their ingredients from local farms and ranches. The restaurant also offers a selection of beers and wines that include major brands and local favorites.

3. Budd Bay Cafe

Budd Bay Cafe is just up the road from Hart’s on Columbia Street and has a great view of the bay complete with outdoor seating. They stay open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day and offer a brunch buffet every Sunday. Budd Bay is a seafood restaurant, so the brunch items usually include things like salmon, peel-and-eat prawns, crab dip, and clams. They also have classic buffet options like a ham carving station, custom omelets, and a crepe station. Budd Bay also has a bar where you can check out a rotating list of wines or buy a local beer.

4. Jim Bob’s Chuck Wagon

You’ll have to drive out to Lacey to find this place, but Jim Bob’s Chuck Wagon is a popular spot to have some good old-fashioned Western barbecue. Their meat plates give you a big portion of chopped or sliced beef brisket, pulled pork, or sausage, and their burger options include ground beef, chicken, or a pork loin. Their breakfast options include biscuits and gravy, breakfast burritos, chicken-fried steak, and a brisket omelet.

Breakfast isn’t the only time you can have breakfast foods, especially if you go to a restaurant that offers a brunch option. The restaurants on this list all have great brunching options, and there are a lot more where these came from. So if you find yourself in Olympia on a lazy Sunday morning and you don’t want to cook, head on over to one of these locations to enjoy a well-made meal.

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